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August 13th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 3
Closes Thursday, August 13th, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Rock & Roll and More!

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Rare and Classic R&B Vocal Groups,
Gospel Vocal Groups 78's:

129. The Hollywood Flames — "One Night With A Fool/Ride, Helen, Ride" LUCKY 001 M- MB $50

130. The Hollywood Flames — "Peggy/Oooh-La La" LUCKY 006 M- MB $25

131. The Hollywood Flames — "Peggy/Ooh La La" DECCA 29285 M- MB $25

132. The Hollywood Flames — "Give Me Back My Heart/A Little Bird" EBB 131 M- MB $20

133. The Hollywood Four Flames — "I'll Always Be A Fool/She's Got Someth ing" RE-CORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 164 M- MB $50

134. The Hollywood Four Flames — "Baby Please/Young Girl" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 165 VG+ MB $25

135. The Honey Bears — "I Shall Not Fail/Whoa!" SPARK 111 M- RARE MB $50

136. Frank (Fat Man) Humphries With The 4 Notes — "I Can't Get Started With You/Lulubell Blues" JUBILEE 5085 M- RARE MB $100

137. The Hurricanes — "Yours/Maybe It's All For The Best" KING 4867 M- MB $25

138. The Hearts — "Lonely Nights/Oo-Wee" BATON 208 M- MB $25

139. The Hepsters — "I Had To Let You Go/Rockin' 'N' Rollin With Santa" RONEL 107 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with faded xol and age spots MB $50

140. The Heralds — "Eternal Love/Gonna Love You Every Day" HERALD 435 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $25

141. The Hi Lites — "I Found A Love/Zanzee" OKEH 7046 M- WHITE LABEL TEST PRESSING with STAMPED LABELS as shown—GREAT ONE!!! MB $75

142. The Highlights — "City Of Angels/Listen My Love" BALLY 1016 M- MB $25

143. The Holidays — "Irene/Aw-Aw Baby" SPECIALTY 533 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

144. The Hollywood Arist-O-Kats — "I'll Be Home Again/Amazon Beauty" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 406 M- MB $25


Rare Blues, Jump Blues, Gospel 78's:

145. Clarence (Bon Ton) Garlow — "Louisiana Blues/Watch Your Business" LYRIC 100 MINT OLD STORE STOCK—FABULOUS! MB $200

146. Clarence (Bon Ton) Garlow — "Wrong Doing Women/Trouble With My Women" LYRIC 101 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $200

147. L.C. Green And His Guitar — "Going Down To The River Blues/Ramblin' Around Blue" VON 42 M- MASTERPIECE! Less than TEN KNOWN COPIES MB $2000

148. Tiny Grimes Quintet — "Nightmare Blues/Hot In Harlem" ATLANTIC 869 M- SUPER RARE EARLY ATLANTIC!!!! Vocal by Red Prysock on the A-side MB $100

149. Buddy Harris — "Crying Blues/Blue Blues" PRUDENTIA 105 VG+ RARE one from Saginaw, Michigan MB $100

150. Cleo Harves With Lightning Guitar — "Skinny Woman Boogie/Crazy With The Blues" O T 105 VG Plays fabulous! Great obscure Jump Country Blues from Louisiana MB $50

151. Bill Heymen And The Progressives — "Please Don't Leave Me/Repenting" PROGRESSIVE no # VG+ RARE JUMP BLUES MB $50

152. John L. Hooker — "Turn Over A New Leaf/Anybody Seen My Baby" MODERN 847 VG+ MB $25

153. Lightening Hopkins — "She's Almost Dead/Gone With The Wind" MERCURY 8293 VG MB $20

154. The Jackson Brother's Orchestra — "We're Gonna Rock This Joint/I'm The Biggest Fool" RCA VICTOR 20-5004 VG+/M- MB $10

155. Jump Jackson And His Band — "Biddle Street Jump/Yancy's Blues" COLUMBIA 37386 M- MB $25

156. Jump Jackson And His Orchestra — "Hey Pretty Mama/The Greatest Mistake" ARISTOCRAT 402 M- MB $25

157. Lil' Son Jackson — "Tough Luck Blues/Evening Blues" IMPERIAL 5108 VG+/VG MB $10

158. Lil' Son Jackson — "Mr. Blues/Time Changes Things" IMPERIAL 5131 VG+ MB $20

159. Lil' Son Jackson — "Red Light/Aching Heart" IMPERIAL 5144 M- MB $50

160. Lil' Son Jackson — "My Little Girl/Big Gun Blues" IMPERIAL 5175 VG MB $10

161. Lil' Son Jackson — "Black And Brown/Sad Letter Blues" IMPERIAL 5218 M- Small tol on A-side only MB $30

162. Lil' Son Jackson — "Movin' To The Country/Confession" IMPERIAL 5248 VG+/M- MB $20

163. Lil' Son Jackson — "Blues By The Hour/Trouble Don't Always Last" IMPERIAL 5286 VG+ THIN VINYL PRESSING MB $25

164. Lil' Son Jackson — "Get High Everybody/Let Me Down Easy" IMPERIAL 5300 M- THIN VINYL PRESSING MB $50

165. Lil' Son Jackson — "My Younger Days/I Wish To Go Home" IMPERIAL 5319 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO PRESSED ON THIN VINYL MB $50

166. Moose Jackson — "Nosey Joe/Sad" KING 4524 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

167. Moose Jackson — "Big Ten-Inch Record/I Needed You" KING 4580 VG+ ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $25

168. Pinnochio James — "Camp Meeting/333 Jump" OKEH 6881 MINT Has potential edge bite which has not broken through MB $10

169. Elmer James — "Gonna Find My Baby/Make A Little Love With Me" TRUMPET 186 M- MB $25

170. Elmo James — "Dust My Broom/Catfish Blues" TRUMPET 146 VG Sticker on label—His FIRST and BEST RECORD MB $20

171. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Standing At The Crossroads/Sunny Land" FLAIR 1057 VG Elmore Classic MB $20

172. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Late Hours At Midnight/The Way You Treat Me" FLAIR 1062 VG+/M- MB $30

173. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Make My Dreams Come True/Bobby's Rock" FIRE 1011 POOR VERY, VERY RARE LATE ONE FROM 1960!! Wol on B-side MB $50

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