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• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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April 7th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 5
Closes Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel Groups / Rock & Roll and More!

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Original 1950's Rock & Roll Era 78's:

326. The Tazman — "Easy Pickin'/The Chicken" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9812 M- MB $25


327. The Teen Queens — "Eddie My Love/Just Goofed" R P M 453 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


328. The Teen Queens — "So All Alone/Baby Mine" R P M 460 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


329. The Teen Queens — "Billy Boy/Until The Day I Die" R P M 464 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


330. The Teen Queens — "Red Top/Love Sweet Love" R P M 470 MINT MB $25

331. Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps — "Be-Bop-A-Lula/Woman Love" CAPITOL 3450 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $100

332. Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps — "Race With The Devil/Gonna Back Up Baby" CAPITOL 3530 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $100

333. Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps — "Lotta Lovin'/Wear My Ring" CAPITOL 3763 MINT Vinyl Pressing—OLD STORE STOCK MB $100


334. Chuck Willis — "Betty And Dupree/My Crying Eyes" ATLANTIC 1168 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25

335. Jackie Wilson — "That's Why (I Love You So)/Love Is All" BRUNSWICK 55121 M- Vinyl pressing and very rare on 78 rpm MB $100


Original Rockabilly, Bopper 78's:

336. "Lucky" Joe Almond — "Rock Me/The Last Waltz" TRUMPET 199 VG+ MB $10


337. "Lucky" Joe Almond — "Gonna Roll And Rock/Hickory Nut Boogie" TRUMPET 221 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25

338. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Honey Hush" CORAL 61719 • MINT OLD STORE STOCK, All Time Classic Rockabilly 78 rpm! Quite scarce on 78 rpm format and the sound that comes from these is just stunning! MB $1000

339. Johnny Carroll And His Hot Rocks — "Rock N' Roll Ruby/Tryin' To Get To You" DECCA 29940 • MINTOLD STORE STOCK MB $200

340. Eddie Cletro — "Flyin Saucer Boogie/First Class, Second Handwoman" LARIAT 1202 M- MB $75


341. Billy Farrell — "Slippin' And Slidin'/Cherry Lips" IMPERIAL 7001 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25

342. Janis Martin — "Will You, Willyum/Drugstore Rock And Roll" RCA VICTOR 20-6491 MINT OLD STORE STOCK AND RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $75

343. Sammy Masters & His Rocking Rhythm — "Pink Cadillac/Some Like It Hot" 4 STAR 1695 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $75


344. McCormick Brothers — "Red Hen Boogie/Banjo Twist" HICKORY 1013 VG+ MB $10

345. Ray Moore — "That's All Right/That's Why I Smile" ROCKET 2 VG INCREDIBLE PRIMITIVE VERSION OF ELVIS' FIRST SUN RELEASE FROM TINY LABEL IN COVINGTON, KENTUCKY!!! Call to hear it, if you don't know it. MB $300


346. Carl Perkins — "Matchbox/Your True Love" SUN 261 M-/VG+ MB $50


347. Marty Robbins — "That's All Right/Gossip" COLUMBIA 21351 VG+ MB $20

348. Howard Seratt — "Make Room In The Life Boat For Me/Jesus Means All To Me" ST. FRANCIS 100 • MINT RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS WITH SAM PHILLIPS AT THE CONTROLS. Was to be Seratt's follow-up single to his SUN release, but when the SUN didn't sell well, and Phillips didn't want to release a follow-up single, he had Sam Phillips himself take the master tape and press up his other two songs on this label. Then Seratt sold them himself in Memphis and Arkansas. MB $750


Original Post War Country, Bluegrass,
Country Gospel, Country Boogie 78's:

349. The Adams Brothers — "I'll See You In My Dreams/Our Love Will Never Die" WONDER 152 M- RED VINYL MB $25


350. Ambassadors For Christ Choir — "Seeking The Lost/Come Unto Me" AMBASSADOR 137 MINT MB $25

351. Tex Anderson And His Texans — "Georgia Stomp/Are You Growing Tired Of Me, Darling" PEACH 101 VG+ Great fiddle and super rare label from Atlanta, Georgia, wol MB $75


352. The Armstrong Twins — "Beetle With The Boogie Woogie Beat/Sparkling Blue" 4 STAR 1273 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


353. Merle Bethke With The Sunset Trailriders — "Would You Be Ready/Moonlight On The Mojave" WILSON AND BETHKE 123 M- MB $20

354. Enez Bienek And The Texas Tornadoes — "I'm Hungry Hungry For Your Love/Her Answer To The Other Side" 4 STAR 1384 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


355. Buccaroo Billy — "Shadows Of My Heart/Blue As I Can Be" GILT-EDGE 5037 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


356. Tex Bloye — "Talkin' Blues/Valley Of Peace" Gavotte 116 M- MB $20


357. Georgia Brown And the Dream Dusters — "No! No! Not Grandma/More Kisses" LARIAT 1050 MINT MB $25


358. The Bunkhouse Buddies — "Be Careful/The Line You Handed Me" GILT-EDGE T-3 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


359. J.W. Burks — "The Dying Soldier On Foreign Field/Jim And Mary" LONE STAR RECORDS 119 M- MB $20


360. The Carlisle Brothers — "I Paid With A Broken Heart/Maggie Get The Hammer" KING 504 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


361. Frankie Connors And Erl Bammel — "Why Can't You Love Me Too!/Waltz Of Virginia" FORTUNE 506 MINT RARE Country on the R&B FORTUNE label MB $25

362. Stoney Cooper And Wilma Lee — "Two Little Orphans/Wicked Path Of Sin" RICH-R-TONE 417 VG+ RARE MB $50


363. Cowboy Copas — "I'm Tired Of Playing Santa Claus To You/Jamboree" KING 688 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


364. The Copper Kings — "I'm Waiting For You/Rio" GILT-EDGE T-21 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $20


365. Riley Crabtree — "T For Texas/T.B. Blues" TALENT 718 M- Crabtree channels Jimmie Rogers MB $25

366. Roger Crandell And His Barn Dance Boys — "Love Bug Itch/Remember Me, I Am The One That Loves" LINDEN 141 MINT GORGEOUS RED VINYL AND SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SLEEVE. The sleeve is a bit ratty but intact. MB $50


367. Roger Crandall And His Barn Dance Boys — "Chasing After You/You And I" GLIDE 156 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25

368. Daryl And The Rustlers — "Fair Weather Gal/Pal O' Mine" WONDER 105 VG+ MB $20


369. Howdy Dawes With the Sagebrush Serenaders — "That's Texas Over Here/I Framed The Picture Wrong" KAPPA RECORDS 125 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


370. Johnny Diebold — "A Happy Life/The Lord's Been Good To Me" PELICAN E-3 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


371. Cowboy Dixon — "I'll Go On Dreaming/Everything's Gonna Be Changed" TALENT 733 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25


372. Buster Doss And The Arkansas Playboys — "Returned Soldier's Grave/Wedding Bells" TALENT 743 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $25

373. Floyd And Lloyd — "Alabama Baby/Address From Heaven" 4 STAR 1386 MINT NICE FIDDLE BOOGIE, OLD STORE STOCK MB $50


374. Wally Fowler And The Oak Ridge Quartet — "I Got Faith/You Must Have That Pure Religion" WALLY FOWLER 1002 MINT OLD STORE STOCK MB $20


375. Wally Fowler And The Oak Ridge Quartet — "Someone To Care/This Heart Of Mine" GOSPELTONE 1062 VG+ MB $10


376. Tillman Franks And His Rainbow Boys — "Drifting Texas Sand/You Scared The Love Right Out" PACEMAKER 1003 VG+ MB $20


377. Tillman Franks And His Rainbow Boys — "Hot Rod-Shotgun Boogie No. 2/Hi-Tone Papa" GOTHAM 412 MINT MB $25

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