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Closes Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
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Classic and Rare
1950's & 1960's
Blues 45's:

388. T-Bone Walker — "Why Not/Play On Little Girl" ATLANTIC 1074 M- MB $50


389. Big Walter — "Gamblin' Woman/Shirley Jean" PEACOCK 1661 VG MB $10


390. Big Walter And His Thunderbirds — "Hello Maria/Pack Fair And Square" PEACOCK 1666 VG MB $5


391. Little Walter And His Night Cats — "Juke/Can't Hold On Much Longer" CHECKER 758 VG+ MB $25


392. Little Walter And His Jukes — "You'd Better Watch Out/Blue Light" CHECKER 799 M- MB $50


393. Little Walter And His Jukes — "My Babe/Thunder Bird" CHECKER 811 VG+ MB $20


394. Little Walter — "Confessin' The Blues/The Toddle" CHECKER 890 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10

395. Little Red Walters — "Picking Cotton/Ain't Nothin' But Gossip" LE SAGE 731 M- MB $50

396. Baby Boy Warren — "Not Welcome Any More/Chuck-A-Luck" EXCELLO 2211 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, his most affordable record MB $50

397. Muddy Waters And His Guitar — "Blow Wind, Blow/Mad Love" CHESS 1550 M- MB $100

398. Muddy Waters And His Guitar — "I'm Your Hoochie Kooche Man/She's So Pretty" CHESS 1560 M- TINY tol on B-side label MB $100


399. Muddy Waters And His Guitar — "Manish Boy/Young Fashion Ways" CHESS 1602 VG+ MB $50

400. Muddy Waters And His Guitar — "Don't Go No Farther/Diamonds At Your Feet" CHESS 1630 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, RARE MB $100


401. Muddy Waters — "Got My Mojo Working/Rock Me" CHESS 1652 VG+ Classic MB $50


402. Muddy Waters — "My Dog Can't Bark/I Got A Rich Man's Woman" CHESS 1937 MINT MB $25


403. Alabama Watson — "My Baby Left Me/Cost Time" BLUESTOWN 704 M- MB $50

404. Mojo Watson — "You Know You Don't Want Me/All Alone" ATLAS 1080 • VG+/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, fabulous! MB $500


405. Young John Watson — "Motor Head Baby/Sad Fool" FEDERAL 12131 VG Outer edge rough MB $25


406. Johnny "Guitar" Watson — "Hot Little Mama/I Love To Love You" R P M 423 VG+ MB $20


407. Joe Weaver And His Blue Notes — "I'm On My Merry Way/Loose Caboose" FORTUNE 820 M-/VG+ MB $30

408. Joe Weaver And The Don Juans — "Baby, I Love You So/It Must Be Love" FORTUNE 825 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

409. Percy Welch And His House Rockers — "Back Door Man/Nursery Rhyme Rock" FRAN 143 VG Plays Mint—GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES, wol MB $100


410. Junior Wells — "Tomorrow Night/So All Alone" STATES 143 VG Plays Mint MB $50


411. Arnold Wiley And His All Star Band — "Squares Ain't Walkin' No More/It'll Be A Long Time (Before You See Me Again)" ACE 111 VG MB $30


412. Ed Wiley And His Band — "Cry, Cry Baby/Blues After Hours" SITTIN' IN WITH 545 VG #ol MB $25

413. Screaming Jack Wilks — "Come And Get Me/I Still Love You" DUPLEX 9007 MINT MB $100


414. Andre Williams — "Jail Bait/My Tears" FORTUNE 837 VG+ MB $20


415. Bob Williams — "My Goose Is Cooked/I've Got A Picture Of You" DEBONAIR 161 VG+ MB $50


416. Jody Williams — "You May/Lucky Lou" ARGO 5274 VG Plays Mint MB $50


417. Joe Williams — "Blow Mr. Low/Time For Moving" SAVOY 1165 M- MB $25


418. Rebecca Williams — "Please Give Me A Match/Take Care Of My Heart" LAMP 2011 M- MB $30

419. Sonny Boy Williams — "Alice Mae Blues/Opossum Rock" DUPLEX 9005 VG+/M- MB $100


420. Sonny Bou Williamson And His Orchestra — "Red Hot Kisses/Going In Your Direction" TRUMPET 216 VG+ Classic MB $30


421. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Nine Below Zero/Mighty Long Time" TRUMPET 166 VG+ MB $30


422. Sonny Boy Williamson And His Orchestra — "Red Hot Kisses/Going In Your Direction" TRUMPET 216 VG+ MB $30


423. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Don't Start Me Talkin'/All My Love In Vain" CHECKER 824 VG+ MB $20


424. Chuck Willis — "Search My Heart/Ring-Ding-Doo" OKEH 7062 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


425. Robert Willis — "Never Let Me Go/You're Mine" EBB 126 VG MB $10

426. Jimmy Wilson And His All Stars — "Ethel Lee/Tell Me" 7-11 2104 M- MB $150


427. Jimmy Wilson And His Blues Blasters Band — "Blues In The Alley/Oh Red" Irma 108 M- MB $75


428. Jimmy Wilson — "Alley Blues/Louise" CHART 610 VG+ MB $50


429. Jimmy Wilson And His All-Stars — "Tin Pan Alley/Big Town Jump" BIG TOWN 101 MINT MB $30


430. Jimmy Wilson — "Blues At Sundown/A Woman Is To Blame" BIG TOWN 107 MINT MB $30


431. Jimmy Wilson And His Band — "Teardrops On My Pillow/Mountain Climber" BIG TOWN 113 MINT MB $30


432. Jimmy Wilson And His Band — "Trouble In My House/Jumpin' From Six To Six" BIG TOWN 115 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


433. Jimmy Wilson And His Band — "Oh! Red/I've Found Out" BIG TOWN 123 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


434. Jimmy Witherspoon — "Daddy Pinocchio/Love My Baby" MODERN 877 M- 7" 78 rpm MB $50

435. Jimmy Witherspoon — "When The Lights Go Out/Big Daddy" CHECKER 798 M- MB $100


436. Jimmy Witherspoon — "It Ain't No Secret (What My Baby Can Do)/Why Do I Love You Like I Do?" CHECKER 826 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on A-side and normal stock label on B-side MB $30


437. The Howlin' Wolf — "Evil Is Goin' On/Baby How Long?" CHESS 1575 VG Slight label stains MB $25

438. Howlin Wolf — "I Asked For Water/So Glad" CHESS 1632 M- Vinyl pressing! Usually found only on styrene MB $100


439. Howling Wolf — "I Better Go Now/Howlin' Blues" CHESS 1726 VG+ MB $10


440. Howlin' Wolf — "Spoonful/Howlin' For My Darlin' " CHESS 1762 M- MB $25


441. Howlin' Wolf — "Tail Dragger/Evil" CADET CONCEPT 7013 VG+ PROMO COPY MB $10


442. Cora Woods — "Father Forgive Him/Flying Home To You Baby" FEDERAL 12256 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $10


443. Freddy Young — "Someday Baby/Monkey Business" Friendly Five 740 VG+ MB $50

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