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Closes Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
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Classic and Rare
1950's & 1960's
Blues 45's:

286. Lloyd Price — "Too Late For Tears/Let Me Come Home, Baby" SPECIALTY 483 M- RED VINYL MB $100

287. Bobby Prince — "Tell Me Why, Why, Why/I Want To Hold You" CHANCE 1128 M- MB $100


288. Johnny Raphael — "The Lonely Road To Nowhere/We're Only Young Once" ALADDIN 3409 VG MB $10


289. Otis Read — "Come On Baby/Love Is A Serious Thing" NANC 1119 MINT MB $25


290. Young Guitar Red — "Red Hot Red/Until You Bring Your Love" FORMAL 1007 VG RARE MB $25


291. Guitar Red — "Just You And I/Old Fashioned Love" CHECKER 988 VG+ MB $20


292. Louisiana Red — "I Done Woke Up/I Had A Feeling" ATLAS 1246 M- MB $50


293. Louisiana Red — "Who 'Dat'? (Tell Me Mama)/Little Girl, Take Your Time" LAURIE 3406 VG PROMO COPY MB $5


294. Louisiana Red — "Red's Dream/Ride On, Red, Ride On" ROULETTE 4469 MINT PROMO COPY with xol MB $25


295. Louisiana Red — "I'm Too Poor To Die/Sugar Hips" GLOVER 3002 VG+ MB $10


296. Tampa Red — "Big Stars Falling Blues/If She Don't Come Back" RCA VICTOR 47-5594 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

297. James Reed — "Dr. Brown/You Better Hold Me" FLAIR 1042 M- RARE MB $150


298. Jimmy Reed And His Trio — "High And Lonesome/Roll And Rhumba" VEE-JAY 100 VG+ His very first record . . . quite scarce! This is the Made in U.S.A. pressing. MB $100

299. Jimmy Reed And His Trio — "You Don't Have To Go/Boogie In The Dark" VEE-JAY 119 • MINT RED VINYL MB $300


300. Jimmy Reed — "I'm Gonna Ruin You/Pretty Thing" VEE-JAY 132 M- MB $30


301. Jimmy Reed — "She Don't Want Me No More/I Don't Go For That" VEE-JAY 153 M- MB $30


302. Jimmy Reed — "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/Baby, Don't Say That No More" VEE-JAY 168 VG+ MB $10


303. The Rhythm Cats — "Blue Saxophone/Cool Caravan" SPECIALTY 496 M- MB $25

304. The Richard Brothers — "Drunk Driver's Coming/Stolen Property" STRATE 8 1500 VG STUNNING RECORD MB $200


305. Tommy Ridgley And His Band — "Wish I Had Never/Jam Up" ATLANTIC 1039 VG+ MB $30


306. Sugar Ray Robinson — "Knock Him Down, Whiskey/I Should Have Been On My Merry Way" KING 5128 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


307. Jimmy Rogers And His Rocking Four — "Blues All Day Long/You're The One" CHESS 1616 MINT Xol MB $25


308. Ervin Rucker With Joe Liggins Orchestra — "Baby You Were Meant For Me/If You Really Really Love Me" DUPLEX 9009 MINT Nice Jump Blues MB $50


309. Riff Ruffin — "Money Is For My Honey/The Darkest Hour" MAMBO 109 M-/VG+ Yes, he sings on these MB $50


310. Otis Rush — "I Can't Quit You Baby./Sit Down Baby" COBRA 5000 VG+ MB $20


311. Otis Rush — "Love That Woman/Jump Sister Bessie" COBRA 5015 VG+ MB $20


312. Otis Rush — "Three Times A Fool/She's A Good-'Un" COBRA 5023 M- MB $50


313. Otis Rush — "Double Trouble/Keep On Loving Me, Baby" COBRA 5030 VG+ The record that STEVIE RAY VAUGHN named his band after!!! MB $30


314. Otis Rush & His Band — "My Baby's A Good'un/All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" COBRA 5032 M- MB $50


315. Otis Rush — "So Many Roads, So Many Trains/I'm Satisfied" CHESS 1751 VG+ MB $5


316. Salmas Brothers — "City Born City Bred/I Don't Care" POST 2005 M- MB $30


317. Magic Sam — "21 Days In Jail/Easy Baby" COBRA 5029 M- MB $50


318. Washboard Sam And His Washboard Band — "Maybe You'll Love Me/I'm Just Tired" RCA VICTOR 50-0023 M- PINK/ORANGE PLASTIC MB $100

319. Mable Scott — "Mr. Fine/Mable Blues" PARROT 780 M- RED VINYL MB $200


320. Charles Sheffield — "I Would Be A Sinner/The Kangaroo" EXCELLO 2205 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with name stamped on the A-side label . . . sorry it is not "Voodoo"— I don't have that one at this time MB $10


321. Sidney Simien And His All Stars — "I'm Never Right/Make Me Understand" CARL No # VG PLAYS MINT—from Jake's Music Shop in Ospelousas, Louisiana MB $10


322. Frankie Lee Sims — "What Will Lucy Do?/Misery Blues" ACE 524 VG+ YELLOW LABEL FIRST PRESSING MB $25

323. Drifting Slim — "Good Morning Baby/My Sweet Woman" R P M 370 MINT 7" 78 rpm MB $300

324. Guitar Slim And His Band — "The Things That I Used To Do/Well, I Done Got Over" SPECIALTY 482 VG+ RED VINYL MB $100


325. Guitar Slim And His Band — "Sufferin' Mind/Twenty-Five Lies" SPECIALTY 536 M- MB $30


326. Lightnin' Slim — "Bugger Bugger Boy/Ethel Mae" FEATURE 3012 VG+ Classic MB $25


327. Lightning Slim — "New Orleans Bound/I Can't Live Happy" FEATURE 3008 VG MB $10


328. Memphis Slim — "Drivin' Me Mad/Train Is Comin' " MERCURY 70063 VG RARE MB $10


329. Memphis Slim — "Wish Me Well/Sassy Mae" UNITED 176 M- MB $50


330. Memphis Slim — "Got To Find My Baby/Blue And Lonesome" UNITED 201 M- MB $50

331. Model "T" Slim — "Flat Foot Sam/Oh Babe" STYLETONE 392 M- BLUE VINYL MB $50


332. Polka Dot Slim — "Ain't Broke, Ain't Hungry/A Thing You Gotta Face" INSTANT 3269 M- MB $30


333. T-V Slim And His Heartbreakers — "Flat Foot Sam Met Jim Dandy/Tired Of Your Cheatin' And Lying" SPEED 704 M- MB $30


334. Oscar T-V Willis And His Heartbreakers — "Don't Reach Cross My Plate/Your Kisses Changed Me" SPEED 703 VG+ GREAT MB $30


335. Oscar T-V Slim Wills And His Heartbreakers — "My Ship Is Sinking/My Baby Is Gone" SPEED 705 M- MB $50


336. T-V Slim And His Heartbreakers — "Every Man Needs A Woman/Dancing Senorita" SPEED 709 M- MB $50


337. Sonny And Jaycee — "Mister Froggie/You Keep Doggin' Me" EMBER 1034 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, Sonny Terry MB $30


338. Little Sonny — "I Gotta Find My Baby/Hear My Woman Calling" DUKE 186 M-/VG+ MB $25


339. Arbee Stidham — "Falling Blues/What The Blues Will Do" RCA VICTOR 50-0024 M- ORANGE/PINK vinyl MB $100


340. Arbee Stidham — "I Found Out For Myself/My Heart Belongs To You" RCA VICTOR 47-4951 MINT MB $75

341. Arbee Stidham — "Meet Me Half Way/I'll Always Remember You" ABCO 100 M- MB $100


342. Roosevelt Sykes — "Stop_Her Poppa/I Know How You Feel" RCA VICTOR 50-0025 M- ORANGE/PINK VINYL MB $100

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