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Closes Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Classic and Rare
1950's & 1960's
Blues 45's:

36. Jesse Allen — "Love My Baby/After A While" DUPLEX 9003 VG+ Great Rockin' Blues from Fayetteville, Tennessee MB $100


37. Jimmy Anderson And The Joy Jumpers — "I Wanna' Boogie/Angel Please" ZYNN 1014 MINT True First label, First Pressing before it was licensed for release nationwide on DOT MB $30

38. Angel Face With Frank Motley & His Crew — "Don't Ever Leave Me/When The Saints Go Marching In" BIG TOWN 114 M- Small tol near center hole as shown MB $75


39. Leon Austin — "I'm So Glad/I'm Not Worried" EXCELLO 2248 M- MB $20

40. Willie Baker — "Before She Leaves Town/Goin' Back Home Today" DELUXE 6023 MINT Tiny tol on A-side MB $300


41. Rev. Ballenger — "This Train/How I Got Over" CHESS 1590 M- MB $50


42. Gene Barge And His Band — "Country/Way Down Home" CHECKER 839 VG MB $10


43. Dave Bartholomew — "Turn Your Lamps Down Low/Would You" IMPERIAL 5390 M- MB $25


44. Dave Bartholomew — "Hard Times (The Slop)/Cinderella" IMPERIAL 5481 M- MB $20


45. Dave Bartholomew — "Yeah Yeah/People Are Talking" IMPERIAL 5724 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


46. Dave Bartholomew — "Honky Tonk Trumpet/A Sunday Kind Of Love" IMPERIAL 5835 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


47. Dud Bascomb And His Orchestra — "Tuxedo Junction/Geechie Blues" SAVOY 1580 M-/VG+ MB $5


48. Richard Berry — "Pretty Brown Eyes/I Am Bewildered" R P M 452 M- MB $20


49. Richard Berry — "Yama Yama Pretty Mama/Angel Of My Life" R P M 465 VG+ NICE ROCKER MB $10


50. Jimmy Binkley — "You Made A Boo Boo/Messin' Around" CHECKER 835 M- MB $30


51. Jimmy Binkley And His Blue Notes — "The Judge/Blue, Blue Night" DOT 1183 VG+ A-side is nice Jump Blues—B-side is Instrumental MB $50


52. Jimmie Birdsong — "I'll Be What You Want Me To Be/It's All Over Now" EXCELLO 2183 MINT MB $25


53. Bobby Blue Bland — "It's My Life, Baby/Time Out" DUKE 141 M- MB $25


54. Bobby Bland — "You Or None/Woke Up Screaming" DUKE 146 VG+ MB $10


55. Big Bo And The Arrows — "Big Bo's_Twist/Hully Gully, Now" DUCHESS 1013 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

56. Charley Booker — "Charley's Boogie Woogie/Moonrise Blues" MODERN 878 VG+ Small sticker stain on the label, 7" 78 rpm—GREAT RECORD MB $200


57. Billy Boy — "You Got Me Wrong/Here's My Picture" VEE-JAY 192 M- RARE TAN BROWN LABEL PROMO, xol MB $100


58. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "I'm A Prisoner/I've Been Deceived" CHESS 1606 VG+ BLUE AND WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY MB $25


59. Rockin' Bradley — "Lookout/I Have News For You" FIRE 1007 M- Some label damage —Tough LITTLE RICHARD copy MB $50


60. Jackie Brenston — "Trouble Up The Road/You Ain't The One" SUE 736 VG+ MB $25


61. B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts — "Fannie Mae Is Back/Candied Yams" VEST 830 VG+ ANSWER RECORD to Buster Brown's mega hit "Fanny Mae" MB $20


62. Earl Brown — "Courtin' In The Rain/Why Why Why" CHECKER 926 M-/VG+ Obscure—New Orleans sound on B-side MB $20


63. Eddie Burns — "The Thing To Do/Mean And Evil (Baby)" HARVEY 115 M- MB $20


64. Eddie Burns — "Orange Driver/(Don't Be) Messin' With My Bread" HARVEY 118 VG+/M- MB $20


65. "Chuck" Brown — "Lead Me To Lover's Land/Hard Times At My Door" EXCELLO 2210 MINT MB $20


66. "Chuck" Brown — "The Moon Without You/Oh! No Love" EXCELLO 2214 M- MB $20

67. Honey Brown With Lefty Bates Combo — "Ain't No Need/No Good Daddy" CLUB "51" 107 • VG+ First copy I've ever had on 45 rpm!!! MB $500


68. Lattimore Brown — "Somebody's Gonna Miss Me/Darlin' Dear" EXCELLO 2196 MINT MB $25


69. Nappy Brown — "Don't Be Angry/It's Really You" SAVOY 1155 M- All time classic MB $20


70. Little Buck — "So Fine, So Sweet/Go On With Your Dancing" DUKE 337 MINT PROMO COPY MB $25


71. Little Caesar — "Can't Stand It All Alone/Big Eyes" BIG TOWN 106 MINT Old store stock MB $50


72. Little Caesar — "(The Rat Song) Wonder Why I'm Leaving/What Kind Of Fool Is He" BIG TOWN 110 MINT Old store stock MB $50

73. Cliston Chanier King Of The South— "Rockin' Hop/Tell Me" POST 2016 VG+ RARE MB $100


74. Clifton Chenier And His Band — "Boppin' The Rock/Ay-Tete Fee" SPECIALTY 552 VG+ MB $10


75. Dee Clark — "24 Boy Friends/Seven Nights" Falcon 1005 VG+ Great Rocker like LITTLE RICHARD MB $20

76. Schoolboy Cleve — "She's Gone/Strange Letter Blues" FEATURE 3013 • M- STUNNING, JUST STUNNING MB $750


77. Sweet Clifford — "Things Gotta Get Better/Baby, Kiss Me Again" EXCELLO 2263 M- MB $20


78. Ann Cole With The Suburbans — "Got My Mo-Jo Working (But It Just Won't Work On You)/I've Got A Little Boy" BATON 237 VG+ This is where MUDDY WATERS learned the song MB $25


79. Albert Collins — "Defrost/Albert's Alley" HALL WAY 1795 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


80. Albert Collins — "Cookin' Catfish/Taking My Time" 20TH CENTURY FOX 6708 VG+ Good rockin' Instrumental MB $10

81. King Charles — "Bop Cat Stomp/But You Thrill Me" FOLK STAR 1131 MINT Rare one and this the vinyl pressing MB $300

82. Blue Charlie — "I'm Gonna Kill That Hen/ Don't Bring No Friend" NASCO 6002 • M- RARE AND FANTASTIC MB $500


83. Charlie-O — "Love Me, Love My Dog/Tender Love" OKEH 7082 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, obscure MB $30


84. Carroll County Boys With Pee Wee Crayton — "Dizzy/Crazy Eagle" FLAIR 1061 M- Tough one MB $100


85. Harold Connor — "Don't Be No Fool/Your Magic Kiss" PEACOCK 1652 VG Xol MB $10


86. Sugar Boy And His Cane Cutters — "Overboard/I Don't Know What I'll Do" CHECKER 783 M- MB $50


87. Pee Wee Crayton — "Crying And Walking/Pappy's Blues" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 408 M- 9¢ stamped neatly on the A-side label and sticker and small tear on B-side label MB $100

88. Pee Wee Crayton And His Orchestra — "Cool Evening/Have You Lost Your Love For Me" MODERN 892 M- RARE ONE . . . first copy I have had on 45 rpm MB $300


89. Pee Wee Crayton — "I Must Go On/Don't Go" POST 2007 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

90. Cleveland Crochet And His Hillbilly Ramblers — "Midnight Blues/Sha Meon Waltz" Khoury's Recording Co. 702 VG RARE MB $100


91. Cleveland Crochet And His Hillbilly Ramblers — "Sugar Bee/Drunkards Dream" GOLDBAND 1106 M- Great all time Blues classic MB $25


92. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "That's All Right/Crudup's After Hours" RCA VICTOR 50-0000 M- PINK/ORANGE VINYL and this was the very FIRST RCA 45 RPM and the song that ELVIS PRESLEY heard and made his first release MB $200


93. Big Boy Crudup — "The War Is Over/My Wife And Woman" RCA VICTOR 5563 VG MB $20

94. Ruby Dandridge And Her Rhythm-anians — "I Gotta Have My Lovin'/Goodnight To Papa Mambo" DOME 1000 MINT RED VINYL with label separation on B-side MB $50


95. Larry Davis And His Band — "Texas Flood/I Tried" DUKE 192 MINT PROMO COPY with faded xol MB $20

96. Mercy Dee — "Crepe On Your Door/Happy Bachelor" BAYOU 013 • MINT FIRST AND ONLY COPY I'VE HAD ON 45 RPM, from Old Store Stock MB $750


97. Mercy Dee — "Romp & Stomp Blues/Oh, Oh, Please" FLAIR 1073 M- MB $30


98. Mercy Dee — "Come Back Maybellene/True Love" FLAIR 1077 M- ANSWER RECORD TO CHUCK BERRY MB $25

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