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Closes Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Original 1920's & 1930's
Pre-War Blues 78's:

1. Blind Blake — "Skeedle Loo Doo Blues/Come On Boys Let's Do That Mess Around" PARAMOUNT 12413 E/E+ GORGEOUS COPY with just a few pressing flaws . . . only for sale because I upgraded to a N- copy!!! Classic Blake MB $500

2. Brother Son Bonds — "Give Me That Old Time Religion/In My Father's House" DECCA 7024 V Absolutely amazing record with Guitar and Jug!! Some of these early Decca's are VERY hard to find and very good—upgraded my copy so this is now for sale. MB $100

3. Cow Cow Davenport — "Texas Shout/We're Gonna Rub It" VOCALION 1291 E+ GREAT, CLASSIC PIANO BLUES!!! Probably unplayed copy!!! Every Blues collector should have at least a couple records by Davenport and this is one of the best! MB $100

4. Jed Davenport And His Beale Street Jug Band — "You Ought To Move Out Of Town/Save Me Some" VOCALION 1513 V His very BEST record and this copy is a strong player! Jug Band records don't get much better than this one!!! MB $100

5. Lee Green (Pork Chops) — "Good Morning Susie, I'm Gonna Beat Your Bread/Sealskin Black Woman" DECCA 7368 E+/E Nice one with Piano, Guitar and Jug MB $75

6. Hound Head Henry — "My Silver Dollar Mama/Low Down Hound Blues" VOCALION 1288 E/E+ MB $75

7. Robert And Charlie Hicks AKA Barbeque Bob And Charlie Lincoln — "Darktown Gamblin' Part 1/Part 2" COLUMBIA 14531 E+ MB $200

8. Charlie Jackson — "I'm Going Where The Chilly Winds Don't Blow/Texas" PARAMOUNT 12335 E+/E GORGEOUS COPY!!! MB $300

9. Jim Jackson — "Ain't You Sorry Mama? - Part I/Part II" VOCALION 1413 E+ MB $200

10. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "That Black Snake Moan No. 2/Tin Cup Blues" PARAMOUNT 12756 V MB $100

11. Blind Willie Johnson — "Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground/It's Nobody's Fault But Mine" COLUMBIA 14303 V+ MASTERPIECE! STRONG PLAYER MB $300

12. Margaret Johnson — "Stinging Bee Blues/Best Friend Blues" OKEH 8506 V+ MB $50

13. Cripple Clarence Lofton — "Strut That Thing/Monkey Man Blues" VOCALION 02951 E Piano Blues classic MB $200

14. Mississippi Jook Band — "Skippy Whippy/Hittin' The Bottle Stomp" MELOTONE 6-11-65 • E+ From old store stock and probably UNPLAYED. AKA Blind Roosevelt Graves and His Brother!!! Classic! MB $400

15. The Mississippi Mudder (Mud Dauber Joe) — "I Got To Have A Little More/Someday I'll Be In The Clay" DECCA 7008 E+ AKA Joe McCoy AKA Mr. Memphis Minnie MB $200

16. Rufus And Ben Quillian — "Working It Slow/I Got Everything" COLUMBIA 14584 E/E+ Tough one MB $200

17. Madame "Ma" Rainey With Lovie Austin And Her Blues — "Walking Blues/Barrel House Blues" PARAMOUNT 12082 V+ Bargain!!! MB $25

18. Tampa Red And Georgia Tom — "Givin' It Away/What You Gonna Do?" VOCALION 1409 E- NICE ONE MB $200

19. Tampa Red And Georgia Tom — "Strewin' Your Mess/Mama Don't Allow No Easy Riders" VOCALION 1429 E+ Stunning copy!!! From old store stock and probably unplayed MB $300

20. Tampa Red — "Don't You Lie To Me/Anna Lou Blues" BLUEBIRD 8654 E+ MB $50

21. Clara Smith — "Oh! Mister Mitchell/Where Is My Man" COLUMBIA 14536 E- HER BEST RECORD!!! I first heard this on the Dr. Demento show back in the 1970's MB $300

22. Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds — "Daddy, Your Mama Is Lonesome For You/Sax-O-Phoney" OKEH 4416 V+ MB $25

23. Victoria Spivey — "Black Snake Blues/No More Jelly Bean Blues" OKEH 8338 E/E+ MB $75

24. Victoria Spivey — "Spider Web Blues/Hoodoo Man Blues" OKEH 8370 E Small wol MB $75

25. Victoria Spivey — "T-B Blues/No. 12 Let Me Roam" OKEH 8494 E- MB $75

26. Eva Taylor — "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Baby Won't You Please Come Home" OKEH 4740 V+ MB $25

27. Johnnie Temple — "East St. Louis Blues/Peepin' Through The Keyhole" DECCA 7316 E MB $75

28. Jim Thompkins/Speckled Red — "Bedside Blues/We Got To Get That Thing Fixed" BRUNSWICK 7200 • E MASTERPIECE and one of the TOP Country Blues records of all time! About 5 known copies. I recently upgraded to N- copy so this is for sale—no one ever sells this one! This is Paul Vernon's FAVORITE Blues record! MB $3000

29. Sister Rosetta Tharpe — "Sleep On Darling Mother/I Want To Live So God Can Use Me" DECCA 8657 E+ All time classic by her MB $50

30. Washboard Sam And Chicago Four — "Don't Tear My Clothes/I'm A Prowlin' Groundhog" MELOTONE 6-10-55 E+ His First Record and it is wonderful MB $200

31. Joe Williams — "Mr. Devil Blues/I Want It Awful Bad" VOCALION 1457 E FABULOUS RECORD!!! Gorgeous copy! Only for sale because I upgraded to a N- copy. MB $500

32. Sonny Boy Williamson — "I'm Tired Truckin' My Blues Away/You Can Lead Me" Bluebird 7536 E Very slight storage warp MB $100

Classic and Rare
1950's & 1960's
Blues 45's:

33. Johnny Ace And The Beale Streeters — "My Song/Follow The Rule" DUKE 102 M- Cleanest copy of this one I have ever seen, his first release on Duke MB $50

34. Johnny Ace With Big Mama Thornton — "Saving My Love For You/Yes, Baby" DUKE 118 M- MB $25

35. Jesse Allen — "Dragnet/Take It Easy" BAYOU 011 • MINT RARE ONE!!! Fewer than TEN known copies, from Old Store Stock and PERFECT! MB $1000

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