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Closes Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War Blues 78's / Post War Blues 45's!!

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Killer Pre-War Blues 78's:

1. Kokomo Arnold — "Front Door Blues (3220 Blues)/Back Door Blues" DECCA 7156 E-/E Xol, Kokomo's version of SKIP JAMES "3220" also soon to be covered by ROBERT JOHNSON as "32-20 Blues"— TOUGH to find & even tougher to find clean! MB $100


2. Lee Brown — "Little Leg Woman/Lucille Blues" DECCA 7775 E- Distributor's stamp on the label and small stain on B-side label MB $20


3. Ida Cox With Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders — "Graveyard Dream Blues/Weary Way Blues" PARAMOUNT 12044 E- B-side label is somewhat faded MB $50


4. Cow Cow Davenport — "I Ain't No Iceman/Railroad Blues" DECCA 7462 E+ Gorgeous copy! MB $50

5. Red Hot Shakin' Davis With TAMPA RED — "Too Black Bad/It's Red Hot" PARAMOUNT 12703 E+/E SUPER CLEAN PARAMOUNT — only for sale because I found a store stock new copy MB $100


6. Walter Davis — "Mr. Davis Blues/M & O Blues" VICTOR 38618 E- Small store sticker on the label MB $75


7. Walter Davis — "Dentist Blues/Root Man Blues" BLUEBIRD 6040 E With HENRY TOWNSEND on guitar MB $100

8. Rev. Emmet Dickinson — "The Devil And God Meet At Church/The Preacher's Blues" PARAMOUNT • 13124 V+ SUPER RARE 13000 Paramount and only for sale because I finally found a MINT copy. Only about five of these left in the world! MB $300

9. John Estes — "Milk Cow Blues/Diving Duck Blues" BLUEBIRD 7677 E- Affordable copy—the Victor first pressing would sell for $3,000 or more in clean shape MB $200


10. Lillian Glenn — "The Man I Love Is Worth Talking About/Best Friend" COLUMBIA 14330 E- With 3" lam crack on A-side only MB $20

11. Blind Roosevelt Graves And His Brother — "Guitar Boogie/New York Blues" PARAMOUNT 12820 E- Small sticker stain on the A-side label MB $200


12. Lil Green — "Why Don't You Do Right?/Love Me" BLUEBIRD 8714 E MB $25


13. The Harlem Ham Fats — "Let's Get Drunk And Truck/What You Gonna Do" DECCA 7205 E- MB $50


14. The Harlem Hamfats — "Empty Bed Blues/We Gonna Pitch A Boogie Woogie" DECCA 7326 V+ MB $25


15. Honey Hill — "Boogie Woogie/Set 'Em" DECCA 7604 E+ Small sticker stain on label MB $25

16. Peg Leg Howell — "Broke And Hungry Blues/Rolling Mill Blues" COLUMBIA 14438 E-/V+ MB $150

17. Edith Johnson — "Good Chib Blues/Can't Make Another Day" PARAMOUNT 12864 E+/E- MB $100


18. Lil Johnson — "Hot Nuts (Get 'Em From The Peanut Man)/Press My Button" VOCALION 03199 E- MB $50


19. Lil Johnson — "Keep On Knocking/I Lost My Baby" BLUEBIRD 8251 E+ Same song LITTLE RICHARD made into a mega selling hit in 1958 MB $50


20. The Jubilee Quartet — "Father Prepare Me/My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race" PARAMOUNT 12035 E+ MB $50


21. Jimmie La Rue/St. Louis Johnny — "Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed/Sister Kelly Blues" CHAMPION 50071 E Roosevelt Sykes MB $50

22. Lead Belly — "Four Day Worry Blues/New Black Snake Moan" PERFECT 0315 V+ With tiny 1/2" hair crack on the edge, B-side is his version of Blind Lemon Jefferson's song and it's quite amazing MB $50


23. Huddie Leadbelly — "Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On/Don't You Love Your Daddy No More" BLUEBIRD 8550 E-/E MB $50


24. Huddie Leadbelly — "New York City/You Can't Lose-A Me Cholly" BLUEBIRD 8750 E- MB $50


25. Meade Lux Lewis/Pete Johnson/Albert Ammons — "Boogie Woogie Prayer—Part One/Part Two" VOCALION 4606 E+ MB $25


26. Meade Lux Lewis — "Bear Cat Crawl/Shout For Joy" VOCALION 4608 E+ MB $25


27. Meade Lux Lewis — "Honky Tonk Train/Whistlin' Blues" BLUEBIRD 10175 E+ Small tol MB $50


28. Meade Lux Lewis — "Yancy Special/Celeste Blues" DECCA 819 E/E+ MB $25


29. Cripple Clarence Lofton — "Strut That Thing/Monkey Man Blues" VOCALION 02951 E MB $100

30. Charlie MacFadden — "Groceries On The Shelf No. 2/Yellow Woman Blues" PARAMOUNT 13076 E-/E With 1 1/2" hair crack, RARE 13000 Paramount—only for sale because I found an E+ copy MB $100

31. Carl Martin — "Joe Louis Blues/Let's Have A New Deal" DECCA 7114 V+ Nice one and TOUGH MB $200


32. Sara Martin With SYLVESTER WEAVER — "Roamin' Blues'/I've Got To Go And Leave My Daddy Behind" OKEH 8104 E-/E WEAVER on guitar MB $75

33. The Mississippi Mudder — "I Got To Have A Little Bit More/Someday I'll Be In The Clay" DECCA 7008 E+ SUPER CLEAN and this is Joe McCoy MB $200

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