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Closes Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's, Post War Blues 45's!!

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Post War Blues, R&B, Jump Blues 45's:

326. Jimmy Witherspoon — "Going To Chicago Blues/You Made Me Love You" PRESTIGE 291 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $5

327. Howlin' Wolf — "I Asked For Water/So Glad" CHESS 1632 VG+ MB $30

328. Howlin' Wolf — "The Natchez Burning/You Gonna Wreck My Life" CHESS 1744 VG+ MB $10

329. Howlin' Wolf — "Killing Floor/Louise" CHESS 1923 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

330. Howlin' Wolf — "I Walked From Dallas/Don't Laugh At Me" CHESS 1945 M- Wol MB $20


Post War Blues 78's:

331. Calvin Boze And His All-Stars — "I'm Gonna Steam Off The Stamp/Fish-Tail" Aladdin 3110 M- MB $25

332. "Big Bill" Broonzy — "Willie Mae Blues/Hollerin' The Blues" MERCURY 8261 M- MB $30

333. Roy Brown And His Mighty Mighty Men — "Caldonia's Wedding Day/A Fool In Love" KING 4669 M- MB $25

334. Mickey Champion — "Good For Nothin' Man/If That's The Way You Feel" R PM 321 M- SOUNDS LIKE LITTLE ESTHER MB $30

335. King Charles And His Orchestra — "Bop Cat Stomp/But You Thrill Me" FOLK-STAR 1131 M- MB $75

336. Floyd Dixon With Eddie Williams And His Brown Buddies — "Prairie Dog Hole/You Need Me Now" SUPREME 1546 MINT MB $50

337. Billy "The Kid" Emerson — "Red Hot/No Greater Love" SUN 219 M- MB $150

338. Billy "The Kid" Emerson — "Little Fine Healthy Thing/Something For Nothing" SUN 233 • M- MB $150

339. Little Esther And Little Willie (Littlefield) — "Last Laugh Blues/Flesh, Blood And Bones" FEDERAL 12108 M- MB $50

340. Little Esther — "Sweet Lips/Hound Dog" FEDERAL 12126 M- MB $50

341. Lowell Fulson — "Don't Drive Me Baby/You're Gonna Miss Me" CHECKER 865 VG+ MB $10

342. Cecil Gant — "Goodbye Baby/Raining Blues" DOT 1069 M- MB $30

343. Clarence (Bon Ton) Garlow And His Guitar — "Louisiana Blues/Watch Your Business" LYRIC 100 MINT MB $200

344. Clarence (Bon Ton) Garlow And His Guitar — "Wrong Doing Women/Trouble With My Women" LYRIC 101 MINT MB $150

345. Clarence Garlow And His Guitar — "No No Baby/I Feel Like Calling You" FOLK-STAR 1199 MINT MB $75

346. Stomp Gordon — "Juicy Lucy/What's Her Whimsy, Dr. Kinsey" MERCURY 70246 M- MB $50

347. Big John Greer And The Rhythm Rockers — "Long Tall Gal/Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee" RCA VICTOR 22-0023 MINT MB $30

348. Ollie Jackson And His Band — "Fat Boogie Woogie/Loved And Lost" JUKE BOX 508 M- MB $30

349. Elmore James — "Baby, What's Wrong/Sinful Women" METEOR 5003 MINT MB $100

350. Elmore James And His Broom Dusters — "Wild About You/Long Tall Woman" MODERN 983 M- MB $100

351. Cousin Joe With Pete Brown's Brooklyn Blue Blowers — "Weddin' Day Blues/You Got It Comin' To You" SAVOY 5527 MINT MB $30

352. Cousin Joe With The Al Casey Quartette — "Old Man Blues/Too Tight To Walk Loose" SAVOY 5536 M- MB $30

353. Harry "Slick" Johnson And His Guitar — "None Can Take Your Place/My Baby's Comin' Home" PEACOCK 1560 • M- SUPER RARE! FIRST AND ONLY COPY I'VE EVER SEEN! MB $500

354. B. B. King — "She's A Mean Woman/Hard Workin' Woman" R P M 330 M- MB $50

355. Jewyl Lang — "Oh! Yes He Does/Barber Jim" ABBEY 3023 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO — RARE!! First and ONLY copy of this I have seen! Great Female Blues/Jump Blues MB $100

356. Lazy Lester — "I'm a Lover, Not A Fighter/Sugar Coated Love" EXCELLO 2143 M- MB $50

357. Papa Lightfoot And His Harmonica — "After-While/P. L. Blues" ALADDIN 3171 M- MB $150

358. Professor Longhair — "Go To The Mardi Gras/Everyday, Everynight" RON 329 • M- Super rare late 78 from 1959! This is the only clean copy of this I have ever seen! MB $300

359. Joe Hill Louis The One Man Band — "Gotta Go Baby/Big Legged Woman" MODERN 839 MINT MB $200

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