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Closes Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's, Post War Blues 45's!!

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Post War Blues, R&B, Jump Blues 45's:

143. Jay Hawkins — "Makaha Waves/Too Many Teardrops" PHILLIPS 40636 VG MB $5

144. Screamin' Jay Hawkins — "Constipation Blues/Do You Really Love Me" PHILLIPS 40645 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO, name on label MB $20


146. Linda Hayes — "Take Me Back/Yours For The Asking" HOLLYWOOD 1003 M- MB $25

147. Earl Hooker — "Do The Chicken/Yea Yea" C. J. RECORDS 613 VG Xol on B-side MB $20

148. John Lee Hooker — "Down Child/Gotta Boogie" MODERN 923 VG+ MB $25

149. John Lee Hooker — "Cool Little Car/Bad Boy" MODERN 942 VG MB $20

150. John Lee Hooker — "I Need Some Money/No More Doggin' " BATTLE 45901 VG+ MB $10

151. John Lee Hooker — "You Gotta Shake It Up And Go/I Lost My Job" GALAXY 716 VG MB $5

152. John Lee Hooker — "Send Me Your Pillow/Don't Look Back" V J 575 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

153. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Walkin' The Streets/Mussy Haired Women" CHART 636 VG MB $20

154. Lightning Hopkins — "Wake Up Old Lady/Business You're Doin' " BLUESVILLE 823 VG+ MB $10

155. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Goin' Away/You Better Stop Her" BLUESVILLE 824 M- MB $20

156. Helen Humes And Her Orchestra — "Woojamacooja/All I Ask Is Your Love" DOOTONE 374 VG MB $20

157. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Sorta Need You/You Thrill Me" M-G-M 10861 MINT MB $50

158. Ivory Joe Hunter — "I Can't Get You Off My Mind/I Can't Resist You" M-G-M 10951 M- MB $50

159. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Is My Pop In There?/Time Has Passed" M-G-M 10963 MINT MB $50

160. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Do You Miss Me/Whose Arms Are You Missing" M-G-M 11818 VG+ Wol MB $20

161. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Laugh (Though You Want To Cry)/Where Shall I Go" M-G-M 11165 M- MB $50

162. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Tell Her For Me/The Big Bounce" M-G-M 11325 M- MB $50

163. Ivory Joe Hunter — "I Must Be Talking To Myself/My Best Wishes" M-G-M 11599 M- MB $50

164. George "Mr. Blues" Jackson And His Band — "Uh Huh/I'm Sorry" ATLANTIC 1024 VG MB $20

165. Moose Jackson — "Big Ten-Inch Record/I Needed You" KING 4580 VG MB $20

166. Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson And His Orchestra — "Rock! Rock!! Rock!!!/Here In My Heart" ATLANTIC 967 VG+ MB $25

167. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Late Hours At Midnight/The Way You Treat Me"FLAIR 1062 • MINT Light stain on label MB $200

168. Budd Johnson And His Orchestra — "Off Shore/Don't Take Your Love From Me" ATLANTIC 1013 VG+ MB $20

169. Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra — "A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac And Some Money)/Any Day" MERCURY 70421 M- MB $25

170. Buddy Johnson — "You Got It Made/Bring It Home To Me" MERCURY 70912 VG+/M- MB $10

171. Little Johnny Jones — "Hoy Hoy/Doin' The Best I Can" ATLANTIC 1045 VG Wol MB $20

172. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Louis Jordan EP with Cover" DECCA ED 2029 M-/M- MB $50

173. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five — "Ooo Wee/I'll Die Happy" ALADDIN 3227 M- MB $50

174. Albert King — "Worsome Baby/C.O.D." Coun-Tree 1006 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

175. B. B. King — "Shake It Up And Go/My Own Fault, Darlin' " R P M 355 VG+ Tough to find this one on 45 rpm MB $75

176. B. B. King — "Boogie Woogie Woman/Story From My Heart And Soul" R P M 374 VG+ Name on label MB $20

177. B. B. King — "Every Day I Have The Blues/It's My Own Fault" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10634 M- Name on label MB $20

178. B. B. King — "The Thrill Is Gone/You're Mean" BLUESWAY 61032 M- Wol MB $20

179. Prince La La — "Gettin' Married Soon/Come Back To Me" A.F.O. 303 VG+ MB $20

180. Julia Lee And Her Boy Friends — "Gotta Gimme What'cha Got/I'll Get Along Somehow" CAPITOL 830 VG+ MB $10

181. Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends — "My Man Stands Out/Don't Come Too Soon" CAPITOL 1111 M- MB $25

182. Julia Lee And Her Boyfriends — "Last Call (For Alcohol)/Goin' To Chicago Blues" CAPITOL 2203 VG+ MB $10

183. Lazy Lester — "I'm So Glad/Whoa Now" EXCELLO 2206 M- MB $25

184. Jimmy Lewis And His Band — "Let's Get Together And Make Some Love/I'll Be Faithful To You" ATLANTIC 943 M- Small name on B-side label MB $100

185. Smiley Lewis — "Big Mamou/Play Girl" IMPERIAL 5234 VG/VG+ MB $10

186. Smiley Lewis — "Ooh La La/Too Many Drivers" IMPERIAL 5316 M- MB $50

187. Smiley Lewis — "Go On Fool/Goin' To Jump And Shout" IMPERIAL 5450 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

188. Joe Liggins — "I've Got A Right To Cry/Last Night Blues" DOT 1032 M- Name on label on A-side MB $50

189. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "I've Got A Right To Cry/The Honey-dripper" SPECIALTY 338 VG+ MB $20

190. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "Make Love To Me/Tears On My Pillow" SPECIALTY 492 M- SLIGHT label wear and wol on B-side MB $20

191. Papa Lightfoot — "Jumpin' With Jarvis/Blue Lights" ALADDIN 3304 M- MB $100

192. Papa Lightfoot With Guitar Red's Orch. — "Wild Fire/Mean Old Train" SAVOY 1161 MINT MB $50

193. Professor Longhair And His Blues Scholars — "Tipitina/In The Night" ATLANTIC 1020 VG MB $50

194. Professor Longhair — "Cuttin' Out/If I Only Knew" RON 326 M- MB $25

195. Linda Lopez And The Mambo Orchestra — "Limehouse Blues Mambo/Nursery Mambo" FEDERAL 12194 VG MB $5

196. Preston Love — "Ali Baba's Boogie/That's All Right Baby" ULTRA 103 M- MB $30

197. Bobby Marchan — "Chickee Wah-Wah/Don't Take Your Love From Me" ACE 523 MINT MB $25

198. Little Arthur Mathews — "I'm Gonna Whale On You/Someday Baby" FEDERAL 12232 • M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label, wol as shown MB $300

199. Percy Mayfield — "One Love/My Reward" IMPERIAL 5577 MINT MB $25

200. Jimmy McCracklin — "Bitter Pill/Head Over Flip" IMPERIAL 5892 M- MB $20

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