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Closes Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's, Post War Blues 45's!!

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Post War Blues, R&B, Jump Blues 45's:

99. Al Collins — "Shuckin Stuff/I Got The Blues For You" ACE 500 VG VERY FIRST RELEASE ON THE LEGENDARY ACE LABEL MB $50

100. Sugar Boy (Crawford) — "She's Gotta Wobble/You Gave Me Love" IMPEIAL 5424 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

101. James (Sugarboy) Crawford — "Morning Star/I Don't Need You" IMPERIAL 5441 M- MB $25

102. Pee Wee Crayton — "Yours Truly/Be Faithful" IMPERIAL 5353 M- MB $25

103. G. L. Crockett — "Every Good-Bye Ain't Gone/Watch My 32" 4 BROTHERS 448 M- MB $20

104. G. L. Crockett — "Gonna Make You Mine/Think Twice Before You Go" 4 BROTHERS 151 MINT Xol MB $20

105. Scat Man Crothers And His Wildcats — "Exactly Like You/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter" SPOT 102 VG MB $5

106. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/Lonesome World To Me" RCA VICTOR 50-0100 VG ORANGE VINYL MB $25

107. T. C. Crumpler — "She Fooled Me/T.C. Boogie" ARS NOVA DYNAMIC 5438 MINT GREAT ROCKIN' BLUES MB $125

108. Big Ike Darby — "Dust My Broom/Our Love Ain't Nothing But The Blues" DARBY 101 MINT RARE ROCKIN' VERSION OF ELMORE JAMES CLASSIC MB $50 (See picture at top of page)

109. Eunice Davis — "My Beat Is 125th St./Go To Work Pretty Daddy" ATLANTIC 992 M- TOUGH ONE! MB $150

110. Sugarpie Desanto — "I Want To Know/Baby It Ain't Right" VELTONE 103 MINT MB $30

111. Sugarpie Desanto — "Wish You Were Mine/Going Back Where I Belong" VELTONE 108 M- MB $25

112. Sugarpie Desanto — "Strange Feeling/A Little Taste Of Soul" GEDDINSON'S 100 M-/VG+ Xol MB $10

113. Floyd Dixon — "Wine, Wine, Wine/Call Operator 210" ALADDIN 3135 M- PITTSBURGH CLASSIC MB $100

114. Floyd Dixon — "Tired, Broke, And Busted/Come Back, Baby" ALADDIN 3151 VG+ MB $50

115. Floyd Dixon — "Nose Trouble/Ooh-EEE! Ooh-EEE!" SPECIALTY 486 M- MB $25

116. Fats Domino — "Trust In Me/Poor Poor Me" IMPERIAL 5197 MINT EARLY ONE AND SCARCE ON 45 RPM MB $100

117. Don And Dewey — "Justine/Bim Bam" SPECIALTY 631 M- Great Rocker MB $25

118. K. C. Douglas — "I Know You Didn't Want Me/I'm Gonna Build Me A Web" ARHOOLIE 504 MINT MB $25

119. Big Ed And His Combo — "Biscuit Baking Mama/Superstition" CHECKER 790 VG With tight crack to the label—bargain MB $5

120. Little Esther And Bobby Nunn With The Robins — "Saturday Night Daddy/Mainliner" FEDERAL • 12100 M- Tiny tol MB $150

121. Little Esther — "Hollerin' And Screamin'/Turn The Lamps Down Low" FEDERAL 12115 M- MB $150

122. Little Esther — "Cherry Wine/Love Oh Love" FEDERAL 12142 VG PLAYS GREAT MB $25

123. Eva Foster And The Van Perry Quintet — "You'll Never Know/Waxin' For Maxie" ATLANTIC 997 • M- RARE! MB $150

124. Johnny Fuller — "The Power/No More" ART-TONE 828 M- MB $20

125. Ed (The Great) Gates — "One If/You Are My Love" 4 STAR 1712 MINT MB $50

126. Bob Gaddy And His Alley Cats — "Little Girl's Boogie/No Help Wanted" JAX 308 M- RED WAX, LABELS REVERSED MB $200

127. Gene & Billy — "It's Hot/Zerlene" SPARK 120 M-/VG+ Wol MB $25

128. Babs Gonzales — "House Rent Party/She's Just Right For Me" KING 4885 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $25

129. Roscoe Gordon — "The Chicken/Love For You Baby" FLIP 237 M- MB $30

130. Jane Grant — "Goody-Goody/Just Believe In Me" DOT 15009 MINT MB $25

131. Lil Green — "Every Time/I've Got That Feeling" ATLANTIC 951 M- Name on B-side label MB $150

132. John Greer And His Rhythm Rockers — "When You Love/Clambake Boogie" RCA VICTOR 50-0125 VG MB $5

133. John Greer And The Rhythm Rockers — "Got You On My Mind/Woman Is A Five Letter Word" RCA VICTOR 4348 VG+ MB $10

134. Tiny Grimes And His Rocking Highlanders — "Begin The Beguine/The Man I Love" ATLANTIC 990 M- MB $50

135. Tiny Grimes And His Rockin' High-landers — "Juicy Fruit/Second Floor Rear" RED ROBIN 123 M- MB $50

136. Buddy Guy — "I Got My Eyes On You/First Time I Met The Blues" CHESS 1753 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

137. Lionel Hampton With Sonny Parker — "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus/Merry Christmas, Baby" DECCA 27325 VG+ MB $20

138. Slim Harpo — "I'm A King Bee/I Got Love If You Want It" EXCELLO 2113 VG+ MB $15

139. Peppermint Harris — "I Got Loaded/It's You, Yes, It's You" ALADDIN 3097 M-/VG+ MB $25

140. Peppermint Harris — "I Sure Do Miss My Baby/Hey, Little Schoolgirl" ALADDIN 3154 VG MB $25

141. Peppermint Harris — "Three Sheets In The Wind/I Never Get Enough Of You" ALADDIN 3206 VG MB $25

142. Wilbert Harrison — "Da Dee Ya Da/Women And Whiskey" SAVOY 1149 M- MB $20

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