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ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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October 22nd Blues Auction page 2
Closes Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Killer Blues!
All Original & ALL Collectible!
Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's, Post War Blues 45's!!

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Killer Pre-War Blues 78's:

34. Sara Martin — "Death Sting Me Blues/Mistreating Man Blues" PARAMOUNT 12841 E With KING OLIVER backing band MB $200

35. Tommy McClennan — "Whiskey Head Woman/Bottle It Up And Go" BLUEBIRD 8373 E/E+ MB $75

36. The Memphis Jug Band — "My Love Is Cold/She Done Sold It Out"OKEH 8963 • E/E+ BEAUTIFUL COPY MB $300

37. Little Brother (Montgomery) — "Louisiana Blues_Part 2/Vicksburg Blues_Part 3" BLUEBIRD 6697 E MB $50

38. Monette Moore — "Rocking Chair Blues/Friendless Blues" PARAMOUNT 12210 E/E+ MB $50

39. Red Nelson — "Crying Mother Blues/Streamline Train" DECCA 7171 E MB $50

40. The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet — "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel/Crying Holy Unto The Lord" PARAMOUNT 12217 E- MB $50

41. Hot Lips Page Trio — "Evil Man's Blues/Do It, If You Wanna" BLUEBIRD 8634 E-/E MB $25

42. Pinetop And Lindberg — "East Chicago Blues/Farish Street Jive" BLUEBIRD 10177 E+ MB $25

43. Joe Pullem/Rob Cooper — "Black Gal What Makes Your Head So Hard?/West Dallas Drag" BLUEBIRD 5459 E-/E+ MB $25

44. Speckled Red — "Do The Georgia/St. Louis Stomp" BLUEBIRD 7985 E+/E MB $50

45. Tampa Red And Georgia Tom — "It's Tight Like That/Grievin' Me Blues" VOCALION 1216 E CLASSIC AND CLEAN MB $100

46. Tampa Red And Georgia Tom — "Givin' It Away/What You Gonna Do?" VOCALION 1409 E- MB $100

47. Tampa Red — "Don't You Lie To Me/Anna Lou Blues" BLUEBIRD 8654 E+ MB $50

48. Elzadie Robinson With Will Ezell — "Going South Blues/Rowdy Man Blues" PARAMOUNT 12724 E/E+ MB $100

49. Washboard Sam And Chicago Four — "Don't Tear My Clothes/I'm A Prowlin' Groundhog" MELOTONE 6-10-55 E+ HIS VERY FIRST RECORD! MB $150

50. Bessie Smith — "Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out/Backwater Blues" COLUMBIA 3176 E+ MB $50

51. Victoria Spivey — "T - B Blues/No. 12 Let Me Roam" OKEH 8494 E- MB $50

52. Victoria Spivey And Lonnie Johnson — "New Black Snake Blues - Part 1/Part 2" OKEH 8626 V+/E- MB $25

53. Victoria Spivey And Chicago Four — "Hollywood Stomp/Detroit Moan" VOCALION 03405 V+ MB $25

54. Johnnie Temple — "East St. Louis Blues/Peepin' Through The Keyhole" DECCA 7316 E MB $50

55. Joe Turner And Pete Johnson — "Roll 'Em Pete/Goin' Away Blues" VOCALION 4607 E+ With 1 1/2" hair crack MB $10

56. Otto Virgial — "Got The Blues About Rome/Seven Year Itch" BLUEBIRD 6279 • V+ MISSISSIPPI MONSTER MASTERPIECE! Only for sale because I lucked into an E+ copy! THE STAR OF THE SHOW!!! Top shelf Country Style Blues!MB $1000

57. Casey Bill (Weldon) — "W.P.A. Blues/Someone Changed The Lock On That Door" VOCALION 03186 E+ MB $150


Post War Blues, R&B, Jump Blues 45's:

This section contains some VERY rare 45's, many on the Atlantic label, that have not been seen for sale in years. Some are more "used" than I would prefer but their rarity warrants listing here.

Happy Bidding!

58. Faye Adams With Joe Morris And His Orchestra — "Sweet Talk/Watch Out I Told You" ATLANTIC 1007 M- MB $50

59. Rufus Beacham And His Tampa Toppers — "Do You Know How To Boogie/Since I Fell For You" JAX 300 VG Drill hole in label, RARE!!! First copy I've ever seen on 45 rpm—nice JUMP BLUES MB $50

60. Mr. Bear And His Bearcats — "I'm Gonna Keep My Good Eye On You/How Come" GROOVE 0125 VG MB $5

61. Jesse Belvin — "Love, Love Of My Life/Where's My Girl" SPECIALTY 559 M- MB $20

62. Billy Bland — "Chicken Hop/Chicken In The Basket" TIP TOP 708 M- Wol MB $20

63. Little Joe Blue — "Dirty Work Going On/Pretty Woman" MOVIN' 132 VG MB $5

64. Little Booker — "Open The Door/Teenage Rock" ACE 547 M- MB $20

65. Danny Boy And His Blue Guitar — "Wild Women/Kokomo Me Baby" TIFCO 824 MINT MB $30

66. Eddie Boyd — "Five Long Years/Blue Coat Man" J O B 1007 VG RED VINYL MB $15

67. Eddie Boyd And His Chessmen — "I'm A Prisoner/I've Been Deceived" CHESS 1606 MINT Wol MB $25

68. Eddie Boyd — "I Got The Blues/She's The One" CHESS 1674 MINT Name on label MB $25

69. Eddie Boyd — "Operator/Coming Home" ART-TONE 832 M- MB $20

70. Calvin Boze And His All-Stars — "Safronia B/Angel City Blues" ALADDIN 3055 M- Wol Maroon label pressing MB $50

71. Tommy (Mary Jo) Braden And His Flames — "Do The Do/Did You Ever See A Monkey Play A Fiddle" UNITED 177 M- MB $25

72. John Brim And His Gary King — "That Ain't Right/Go Away" CHESS 1588 VG+ MB $50

73. Buster Brown — "John Henry/The Madison Shuffle" FIRE 1020 MINT MB $25

74. Buster Brown — "Sugar Babe/I'm Going—But I'll Be Back" FIRE 507 MINT MB $25

75. Buster Brown — "Raise A Ruckus Tonight/Gonna Love My Baby" FIRE 516 M-/VG+ MB $10

76. Charles Brown — "Merry Christmas Baby/Lost In The Night" SWING TIME 238 VG MB $10

77. Charles Brown And His Band — "Rollin' Like A Pebble In The Sand/Alley Batting" ALADDIN 3157 M- SLIGHT edge warp with NO effect on play MB $25

78. Charles Brown — "Take Me/Risin' Sun" ALADDIN 3176 M- MB $50

79. Charles Brown — "Nite After Nite/Walk With Me" ALADDIN 3284 M- MB $30

80. Charles Brown — "My Heart Is Mended/Trees, Trees" ALADDIN 3296 M- MB $30

81. Charles Brown — "One Minute To One/Please Don't Drive Me Away" ALADDIN 3316 VG+ MB $10

82. Charles Brown — "Merry Christmas, Baby/Ooh Ooh Sugar" ALADDIN 3348 M- Small tol MB $20

83. Charles Brown — "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/Please Believe Me" ALADDIN 3366 MINT MB $25

84. Roy Brown And His Mighty Mighty Men — "Train Time Blues/Big Town" DELUXE 3318 VG Small tol on B-side only—EARLY 45 MB $50

85. Allen Bunn With The Larks — "Too Much Competition/My Kinda Woman" RED ROBIN 124 VG- Xol and Plays Nice MB $25

86. Eddie Burns — "Orange Driver/Hard Hearted Woman" HARVEY 111 MINT MB $25

87. Choker Campbell And His Band — "Last Call For Whiskey/How Could You Do This?" ATLANTIC 1014 VG+/M- MB $50

88. Choker Campbell And Band — "Have You Seen My Baby?/Jackie Mambo" ATLANTIC 1038 MINT MB $75

89. Wynona Carr — "Hurt Me/Jump Jack, Jump" SPECIALTY 580 M- MB $20

90. Little Ceasar — "Your Money Ain't Long Enough/Do Right Blues" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 238 VG Small tol MB $20

91. Ray Charles — "Mess Around/Funny" ATLANTIC 999 M- Classic MB $100

92. Ray Charles — "Heartbreaker/Feelin' Sad" ATLANTIC 1008 VG+ MB $10

93. Ray Charles — "Sinner's Prayer/It Should've Been Me" ATLANTIC 1021 VG MB $5

94. Ray Charles — "A Fool For You/This Little Girl Of Mine" ATLANTIC 1063 MINT MB $30

95. Willie Hobbs — "Mistreated Blues/You Don't Love Me" Bootheel 769 M- MB $25

96. Willie Cobbs — "Don't Say Goodbye/Five Long Years" C AND F 3000 MINT MB $25

97. Willie Cobb — "You're So Hard To Please/You Don't Love Me" VEE JAY 411 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, #ol on A-side MB $20

98. Ann Cole — "Got My Mo-Jo Working (But It Just Won't Work On You)/I've Got A Little Boy" BATON 237 M- Tiny #ol—this is where Muddy Waters got the song MB $25

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